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The Canada Meets Germany Alumni Forum (CMG-AF) officially announces the Canada Meets Germany Study Tour 2011 to take place between 01-June and 10-June-2011. The tour group will visit the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Québec.

Canada Meets Germany (CMG) is a unique transatlantic initiative: by (young) leaders for young leaders. It is an inter-disciplinary network of young professionals who have participated in the annual Study Tour alternating between both countries. The Study Tours provide the participants with an opportunity to learn more about the relationship between both countries and the context within which it is set from experts in the fields of politics, diplomacy, the private sector and civil society.

Each year 12 new members are selected to join the CMG Young Leaders Forum. These young leaders take part in two consecutive Study Tours, the first tour with the participants who joined the previous year, and the second with the participants who will join the following year. By overlapping the “generations” of CMG young leaders we are able to ensure a continual influx of fresh ideas and perspectives.

The annual Study Tours alternate between both countries and they feature a week-long program of lectures, seminars, workshops and panel discussions. The speakers of the programs include leading figures from the fields of international politics, diplomacy, economics, the private sector and civil society. CMG Study Tours also include volunteer service, cultural and social activities that allow the participants to explore the host cities.

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Message from our Patron, the Ambassador of Canada to the Federal Republic of Germany
I am pleased to extend my warmest greeting to the members of the German-Canadian Business Clubs and to express my sincere thanks for the tremendous work undertaken by all six chapters across Germany in supporting closer commercial and economic ties between our two countries.
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